Process from Schizoid 1.0 design studio with Fransois Roche + Gwyllim Jahn RMIT 2013 S1

Muddy render: composited

diffuse, raw gi, gi and normals channels composited in PS. still no success with lighting or reflectivity…SZ_130507_composite


Machine Logic: Calligraphy of excretion




I used a whole tube of toothpaste on this one…

SZ_130503_panelsRendered with the Rhino 5 default render, using the Z buffer channel for Photoshop Lens Blur.


Order to Chaos to Order

The familiar period doubling bifurcation which leads to chaos, can work simultaneously in both directions. Where period halving occurs, leading to stability. Apparently variants of the MURALI LAKSHMANAN CHUA CIRCUIT exhibit behaviour like this too (but with the ordered regions at either end of the graph and the chaotic region in the middle).





Morphology Generations

Different generations of growth are shown in different colours: 1.red, 2.purple, 3. blue, 4. green, 4. white, 6.black. as the older generations decay, the new growth can inhabit previously inhabited space in a new way


Pop culture instance of stuttering mechanism internal conflict

Best bits from today

This variation introduces decay into the system, allowing the machines to reconstruct the interior of the system. these sections show the emergent changing agglomerations

SZ_morphology_sections_0007_Layer 11SZ_morphology_sections_0006_Layer 12

SZ_morphology_sections_0005_Layer 13 SZ_morphology_sections_0004_Layer 14