Process from Schizoid 1.0 design studio with Fransois Roche + Gwyllim Jahn RMIT 2013 S1

Screen Grabs from today

Here is a sample of the evolution of the code today


this reads from bottom right to top left. (thanks Photoshop script, for your flexibility!)


Machine precedent

The honeypot ant constantly overeats resulting in an enlarged abdomen filled with honey. The machine for my project dragging around a large abdomen sack filled with industrial waste which it regurgitates and melts before extruding it from an orifice in the end of its single long arm.
honeypotant copy


Machine Behaviour

This shows the range of arced movement of the extrusion arm.
SZ_Robot_03_diagram3 copy

Robotic Plastic Extrusion

DEPOSITIONAL LOFTING -Workshop with Francois Roche at University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Resized-5180 Resized-5328


Layering with random material weakness


Here the machine follows the surface of a previous construction, resulting in layers accumulating on top of each other. A degree of random inconsistency in wall thickness results in openings. The first moments of growth have nothing to grow onto, resulting in very linear behaviour and the vertical constructions.
SZ_section_01 SZ_section_02 SZ_section_03

Boolean Agents

SZ_eggs_01 SZ_eggs_02 SZ_eggs_03

Wasp nest morphology


The nest is constructed onto something sturdy -a tree, a post, part of a building and it expands layer by layer as the female wasp collects mud or wood fibres in her mouth and regurgitates them. She constructs cells within the nest to house her larvae. During the winter most of the wasps die except the queen, who hibernates. In preparation she catches spiders to feed her larvae. She encases the live, paralysed prey in the cells with her larvae for them to feed on once they mature. The nest degrades during winter and must be rebuilt yearly.

Background Photo: Harry R on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/heracliteanfire/177612662/in/photostream/

Vector Behaviour

Each path leaves behind a string of vectors which orient towards the direction of the next extrusionSZ_Diagram part

3D model for diagramming code behaviour

I constructed this model in Rhinoceros manually to be used for diagramming the intended code behaviour. The default machine logic will need to follow existing trails, which will need to be recorded as a string of vectors