Schizoid 1.0/
François Roche + Gwyl Jahn
9 week intensive upper pool studio
Feb 27 (day after balloting) – May 11
B45. UAL Space
The course of 2013 is divided into two sessions, the first in Melbourne, and the second in Hanoi, Vietnam.
It will be the occasion to re-question two processes of urbanism, of politic. One from a top down management, where everything is previously anticipated and controlled, in terms of master planning and design (Australia), and the other one which integrates a degree of tolerance, of loophole, in terms of individual and collective strategy of urban mutation and self-organization.
The purpose is to develop a schizoid urban structure in Hanoi, which extracts its logic, morphologies and uses, from the recognition of this schizoid dimension.
On one side, the bottom up … self-organized, “messy”, excessively rustling human zone, where frictions and encounters are intrinsically implemented, embedded; potential of improvisation, adaptability, transformability, tolerance and indeterminism…from the shapeless of the city to human pathologies and freedom… Everything dedicated to swarm logic and illogic… in the dynamism of the exchanges, in the substances smelled, swallowed, digested, shitted, with confusion between the taste of stir fried food, flagrance of rain on the asphalt, dirtiness and beauty in the hell of human energies and vitalism…
On the other side, the top down…a disseminated down town dedicated to its own representation, its self-satisfaction to emerge in the sky and embody the running of the financial ideology, through multiple verticalities of social “successes” , where owners are stacked and disconnected from each other… except in the parking lot, the swimming pool and the sports center…working as the zones where people could simulate a kind of polite “welcome home”… in their skylines…dedicated to international standard and appearance, symbolizing activities, working potential, efficiencies of the economic model _ and in the opposite way its vanity….
Normally those two types of urbanism are separated territorially and socially by distinguishing two types of human habitudes, of self-representation, or social strata…of shaping life…
We propose to create a structure which could be both, articulating swarm and logic of representation, self-organization and top-down design, as contradictory forces in symbiotic relationship, in permanent mutualistic negotiation… including computation research on the methodology to manipulate simultaneously the paradox…
This structure will be located in Hanoi and designed in Melbourne.
The second course in Hanoi will be the possibility to realize a fragment “in fabrication” of this schizoid process and design, obviously at small scale, and depending of a second level of schizoid decision “hand-made or robotic”, and the both.
Books to read / Concrete Island . Ballard / The world Inside . Silverberg / Planet of Slums . Mike Davis

”The Communards defending their revolutionary Paris against the
government forces attacl(ing from Versailles roam about the city lil(e
ants in Rimbaud’s poetry and their barricades bustle with activity like
anthill. Why would Rimbaud describe the Communards whom he loves
and admires as swarming ants? When we lool( more closely we can see
that all ofRimbaud’s poetry is full of insects, particularly the sounds of
insects, buzzing, swarming, and teeming. ”Insect-verse” is how one
reader describes Rimbaud’s poetry, ”music of the swarm”. The reawal(ening
and reinvention of the senses in the youthful body-the centerpiece
ofRimbaud’s poetic world- tal(es place in the buzzing and swarming of
the flesh. This is a new l(ind of intelligence, a collective intelligence, a
swarm intelligence, that Rimbaud and the Communards anticipated”.
Antonio Negri, Michael Hardt, Empire, Exils, 2000